Esther Nosazeogie is the voice behind these nature stories from Nigeria (for now). As a research biologist and freelance science journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria, I work to learn about the natural world, and then tell stories from what I have learned. I love telling these stories because learning about the secret lives of animals and how they are affected by their environment is fun, and everyone needs to join the party!

And if you’re wondering why you need to join the party (apart from the fun part), here’s why: in trying to make lives easier for ourselves (understandably), we humans have created a lot of problems for wildlife (plants and animals) in our shared environment. So, isn’t it only fair that we are part of the solution? As a matter of fact, it’s not just fair; it would be to our benefit.

That’s what my work is about: exploring the secrets and wonders of nature, and figuring out what we can do to help.

For more about my background and interests, plus a bonus story, check here.

Also, check out what I’ve written so far, and learn about my ongoing research here (with fun bird photos!)

You want to work with me? Or share a thought? Send me an email at nosazeogieesther@gmail.com